Applications for Directors on the Board


Company : South African Chamber of Commerce UK Limited (The Chamber)
Location : South Buckinghamshire / London / National / South Africa / Global
Role : Deputy Chairman and a Senior Independent Director
and a Non-Executive Director to Chair the Membership Committee
Salary : Pro bono
Post Date : 25 March 2019
Close Date : Midnight, Friday, 31 May 2019
Website :

About the Company

The Company is a Limited by Guarantee entity owned by its Members.

The company is currently run by an entirely pro bono Executive Team and one paid administrative staff member. Most functions are performed by the Executive Team, some functions being outsourced.

The Chamber has been in turnaround for 18 months and now wishes to step up to generate substantial revenue increases to allow for the development of a paid core executive team, complemented by the pro bono Committees.

The business is sound, it has a good reputation and delivers quality learning value to members.

The Chairman has acted as turnaround agent, but now wishes to step back into a non-executive Chairman role. The Board needs at least three Directors, a Deputy Chairman, a Senior Independent Chairman and a NED to Chair the Membership Committee.

Currently there are six Directors on the Board but due to tenure and time demands some changes in the next year are expected.

The focus of the Chamber is to develop trade between UK (Brexit export initiatives) and South African (inbound Direct Investment and products and markets for SA exports).

Target members are all companies fitting into the above trading description – which provides a large target market.

The Chamber runs focused seminars on investment in various industries, on exporting and importing initiatives and complexities and provides a full business hub to support companies exporting from the UK, importing into the UK, African investment as well as key solutions of companies going into South Africa or trading or moving out of SA.

About the Role

Three roles are being considered, Deputy Chairman, Senior Independent Director and at least one Non-Executive Director to lead the organisation through the next growth phase.

  • Significant experience in membership organisations
  • Real connections in UK government, trade and national chambers
  • Real connections in SA government, trade and national chambers
  • Financial acumen is needed
  • A good grasp of corporate governance
  • Have had the role of NED, SID or Deputy Chairman before
  • Experience in turnaround / fast growth companies
  • Knowledge of a business Chamber services
  • Team player
  • Good grasp on risk
  • Connected to support membership growth, funding and sponsorship
  • Competence in understanding small business / growth challenges
  • Connections in global trading UK and / or SA companies
  • Connections in the NED market
  • Connections in the South African “market” here in the UK

Core Responsibilities

  • Mentor to Executive Team and future full time Executive Team
  • Challenge the executives
  • Work with Chairman and executives on strategy formulation
  • Support the formulation of goals
  • Hold executives to account
  • Assess the markets and market changes
  • Work with relevant Committees to generate growth and services
  • Use network to source members of the right kind
  • Use network to source funding and sponsorship
  • Focus on the growth for long term sustainability
  • Get involved in functions and engaging in development of the annual Event calendar

Required Capabilities

  • Understand good governance
  • Understand the requirements of a membership organisation
  • Be connected in SA community in the UK
  • Good understanding of how a Chamber can be successful, driving addition revenue streams
  • Experienced NED and or experienced Chairman

What is in it for Applicant

  • Be part of a Chamber supporting Brexit UK, opening up markets for exporters
  • Be part of a Chamber supporting SA economic growth
  • Be part of a Chamber that supports the education improvement in SA, to drive sustainable business growth
  • Become better connected in the UK / SA markets
  • Attend regular quality content seminars / panel debates / workshops being delivered by the Chamber
  • Increase your network
  • Contribute directly to the formulation of services delivered by the Chamber
  • Be a mentor to the CEO as the business grows its client base
  • Support the Board to deliver even more on its responsibilities, helping upgrade the governance maturity and NED experience on the Board

Commitment / Remuneration

  • Time Commitment is expected to range from 3 to 6 days, depending on the role, per quarter delivered in pockets of hours not days at a time.
  • Full face to face Board meetings are currently monthly but will reduce to six a year shortly. Meetings are alternately face to face and calls. Attendance by conference call is facilitated
  • Each NED to lead on a different aspect of the growth agenda
  • Directors are expected to be the eyes and ears of the organisation and to alert the executives to relevant external information.
  • Not remunerated
  • Annual membership of the Chamber is paid by the organisation

How to Apply

Please remit:

  • Maximum of a two page relevant CV reflecting related achievements
  • Maximum of a two page:
    – Why role is wanted
    – Capabilities, skills and experience
    – What difference you will deliver to the organisation
  • Define which roles you are applying for as your first choice
  • Use the form below, or send applications directly to the Chairman on [email protected]
  • Reference you Email – “SACC NED Role”