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Leadership Skills - Course 3

Description: Thoughtfully built around you

In a knowledge-based economy only knowledgeable people can make things happen.

The more you understand yourself the better chance you have of avoiding psychological pitfalls that can derail you and enhance those that may transform you. The more you understand others the better chance you have of providing positive leadership and an environment that will ensure high engagement.

Based on rigorous and robust psychological and neuroscientific precepts this program will provide you with the understanding of the key elements of the human performance equation.

Course Three

9. Confidence - what it is and what it is not; why is it critical for your success; 5 confidence boosting techniques; "Confidence 10 Commandments"; exercise in pairs

10. Behavioural principles of Focused Action - how to enhance your authenticity in the era of high performance, information overload and action bias

11. Your personal Wisdom - what you can change, what you have to accept and what you should reinforce (Start/Stop/Grow) (exercise in pairs)


Admission is free for sponsors, finalists and winners from the Chamber's Business and Community Awards 2018, half price for SACC members (£50) and full price for non-members (£100).  Market price for each half day session is £395.

Date:  1:00pm to 7:00pm, Tue 26th Mar 2019
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Hosted by:  TBC

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Via Skype: £50.00
In person: £100.00

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