WCCSA - Professional Networking Event – ‘Time to be “Well”?’

Description: The sun has come out and naturally our vitamin D levels should increase, our smiles will re-appear and we will feel warm.

A stark contrast to the elongated winter for March, April and May.

They say, vitamin D helps in terms of COVID. Coming out lockdown will increase our COVID risks.

• We have got used to being alone, but even hermits have had enough of seeing their own faces on Zoom.
• We are soon going to have a degree of freedom almost forgotten but so sorely desired.
• We fear for our health, we fear how to rejoin the rat race and wonder will hybrid working solve our needs?
• Do we hug, embrace, shake hands or make personal contact in conversation, or will that risk our lives or offend a business colleague?
• Will we tend to shun people for fear they carry the unseen and now more virulent strains of COVID.

We all face these changes and due to our personal circumstances, our own unique environment and character, we are responding differently. This in itself complicates our re-engagement with our fellow humans.

We will be hearing from our four panellists who are more in the know on these matters than we are, shedding some light on why people are currently taking more strain than ever before, why human interactions are strained and work teams are showing the fractures of these pressures.

We look forward to learning how to understand our own circumstances and how to help others with whom we interface so that we can really enjoy being together again.

This is an important session for ourselves.

Dr. Justin James Kennedy (https://linkedin.com/in/prof-dr-justin-james-kennedy)

Dr. Kennedy is a globally respected keynote speaker, wellness consultant, behavioural health coach, published professor in applied neuroscience, and an author. Having presented his health coaching research at the Harvard Medical Institute of Coaching he delivered his related TEDx talk and continues to present globally.

In his practice he supports people to build behavioural tools for emotional wellness, resilience and personal change. He develops solutions for psychological safety for organizations, and hospitals. He shows compassion helping clients to meet their wellness, and professional goals for growth and behaviour change for improving sleep, psychological safety in organisations.

He has experience as a mental health coach and licensed neuro-behavioural analyst, presents evidence of him clinically helping his clients sustain personal, resilience and growth. Working with health insurance, Columbia University, and organisations globally his website shares his innumerable testimonials of clients who have sustained benefit.

Neeru Marya Sharma (https://linkedin.com/in/neeru-marya-sharma)

Neeru helps Change Leaders create lasting impact in their communities. She is the Founder and Managing Director of the Marya Leadership Academy, a coaching and leadership development firm based out of Dubai. She has over 23 years’ experience as a coach, innovation facilitator and change agent.

Neeru is an experienced cultural dynamics expert, and has lived and worked in over 6 countries working with multiple cultures and nationalities. Prior to setting up Marya Leadership Academy, Neeru facilitated large-scale innovations and systemic change projects as an innovation consultant, Strategy Consultant, and Change Facilitator.

She has worked with the leading management-consulting firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst&Young) as well as an innovation consulting firm and a social investment fund. Her Clients include large multinationals, as well as large local companies.

Bryony Rowntree  (https://linkedin.com/in/bryony-rowntree)

Bryony works with individuals and groups to open up awareness so that space is created for wiser choice, increasing alignment, resilience, confidence, clarity and courage, resulting in improved capacity, relationships, wellbeing and mental health. She does this through 121 and group coaching, team coaching and training and through delivering MHFA England Adult courses (Mental Health First Aid, MHFA Refresher and MH Aware).

She loves working creatively and to help people to recognise the host of information and intelligence in our bodies. Her background is in health care, antenatal/families and education & safeguarding. She studied dance and psychology at University.

Bryony’s underlying aim is for us to be better connected to ourselves, each other and the planet and to have more joy in the world. Her ultimate goal in life is to have deep smile lines in old age.

Robyn Vernon-Harcourt (https://linkedin.com/in/robyn-vernon-harcourt)

Robyn is a Senior Programme Manager at The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and leads the award-winning mental health campaign 'This is Me' to #endthestigma around mental health in the workplace. Robyn also oversees the Diversity & Inclusion and Skills programmes at The Lord Mayor’s Appeal to make London a more inclusive, skilled, and healthy City, creating a Better City for All.

Robyn’s background is in Programme development, management, and evaluation within the charity sector with a focus on mental health, gender, education, and sustainability. She is a Chartered Manager and is passionate about ending the stigma around mental health and supporting organisations to create inclusive workplace cultures to improve employee wellbeing and create kinder and high performing workplaces.

Date:  6:00pm to 7:00pm, Tue 15th Jun 2021
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