Dale Carnegie Training Session - Network to build business connections

Description: Members Cost: £20
Members' Guest Cost: £20
Vistor (Non-member) Cost: £20

It has become accepted wisdom that six contacts are all that separate you from anyone else in the world. The proliferation of social and business contact groups and the rapid growth of on-line contact networks speak to the average person's need to be connected.

In this module, you discuss where you can meet new acquaintances who can connect you to their networks. You will discover which groups may be the best for you to join, rather than letting chance decide where you are going to spend your time and effort. Once you meet new people, you look at ways that you can build on those contacts and become a connecting point for others.

At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

Choose the most appropriate groups to develop contacts
Utilize the secret to name remembering
Build on contacts for mutual benefit

Date:  8:30am to 11:59pm, Wed 11th Jul 2012

Venue:  Reed Smith

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