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The Ramaphosa Scorecard: First 50 days


South Africa's new President, Cyril Ramaphosa,seems to have a lot going for him. His early new broom sweeps clean gestureshave been incisive and the market indicators are responding well. A plethora of good news has come his way in the weeks since he was sworn in.

The Rand is strong and steady, (well until 6th April ...), inflation is at its lowest in 3 years and interest rates dropped 0.25%, the rating agencies are reflecting improved outlook and business confidence is up.

But...  the NEC are not all fully united behind him, there are Zuma supporters and the issues have come to the fore over Winnie's death and the transparency been offered by Nene and Gordhan.

This is the beginning and a lot of work will need to be achieved to rekindle growth, address deep inequalities and tackle corruption in the private and publicsectors. Above all he must address the future of the ANC.

Seven key tasks for the President and civil society to work on: Fiscal stability,re-industrialisation, state owned enterprises, urban land, small business, skills and policy uncertainty.

What are the risks to the ANC and civil society's desired outcomes; who will try to stand in the way and how will Cyril deal with internal divisions, the EFF and the DA, deeply embedded corruption and bankrupt state-owned enterprises and municipalities?   How does Cyril handle the response of the masses to Winnie Mandela's death?

How will these risks and issues play out and over what time scale?  Managing the expectations of the people andthe needs of business and investment? How will the foreign investing entitiesview the risks and how will business expand internationally from SA?

How is Cyril going to maintain control of a steady movement forward?  Is he the right person to lead SA through transition?

Who best to hear from then senior advisers to global business on these matters - DariasJonker and John Battersby will share their insights into what Ramaphosa has achieved in his first 50 days and what options exist as his next steps? 

This willbe a robust debate as Darias and John have very different outlooks and given Chatham House Rule, the debate could raise some very interesting counter challenges and heated discussions.

ADMISSION £25 at the door (inc VAT)

The second part of the meeting will adjurn to:

The Institute of Directors
116 Pall Mall,
St. James's,
London SW1Y 5ED


Darias Jonker
Africa Director for the Eurasia Group

Darias, a former South African diplomat, analyses, interprets and predicts Southern African political events for financial market and corporate clients. His focus is on South Africa, Mozambique, Angola and Sub Saharan Africa. Darias reviews the evolving nature of political leadership in the region and how this could impact mining, oil and gas, agriculture, retail, communications and financial services - all core economic contributors.

John Battersby
Freelance journalist, author, independent consultant, Chairman and Director

John is a renowned investigative journalist whose career in the late 90's included the Sunday Independent.  John is former CEO of Brand SA, Ambassador for Global Peace for The Tutu Foundation and CEO for JDB Consulting.  In this latter capacity John is focusing on cross cultural communication strategies, corporate strategy, mediation, insights into SA political and economic activities and importantly, connecting key players - there is no-one John does not know.  

Children - The future that will follow in Ramaphosa's footsteps.

The Love Trust will present their work bringing Christian education to vulnerable children in rural and township communities.  Empowering children contributes to nation building, reconciliation and economic success. We will learn how they are making a real difference through their work.

Erik van den Top has many years of experience in IT management, general management and school governance and has led the development and improvement of school governance for Christ Church Preparatory School and College in Midrand. In 2009 Erik joined The Love Trust as Head of Operations and Governance.

Hlengiwe Shakung joined The Love Trust in 2016. She was previously involved in E-learning Development before being bitten by the non-profit bug. Hlengiwe's primary focus is on Marketing and raising awareness for The Love Trust.

Date:  5:00pm to 8:00pm, Thu 19th Apr 2018

Venue:  Anglo American
20 Carlton House Terrace
St. James's
London, SW1Y5AN
United Kingdom
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