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SMEs, GDPR and Cyber Security

Description: 95% of SME websites, website security and GDPR are non-compliant, fail to meet today's expectations or have security vulnerabilities.

The Chamber and some members have already benefited from the totally practical insights gained from Robin, and no longer fall into this 95% category. 

This workshop is different.  No huge fees for little value.  You will have solutions to implement after 2 hours.

What you will learn in this workshop:

- Find out what happens when your business hasn't updated its processes, websites, correspondence to accommodate the changes to GDPR?  Learn how to fix the issues that are not compliant.

- Find out how a simple email invitation could lead to an unwanted "chat" with (or enforcement action from) the Information Commissioners' Office.  Learn what you need to implement and take that back and apply it to prevent unwanted outcomes.

- Are you Cyber savvy? - What are the simple solutions to protect your website and your company.  You will take away the solutions with you from the workshop.

- Is your website easy to navigate the way the customer wants to navigate it today?  Robin will share what the customer wants and what changes we should be considering to match our future customer's way of engaging.

Robin will be giving tips and solutions for you to implement and immediately be in a better position ...for the price of your time and a small entry fee if you are not a member.

You will leave with the clear knowledge of the key changes needed for you to mitigate the immediate risks of falling foul of the ICO.  A real issue as "Joe Public" is readily reporting companies who they feel are inappropriately reaching out to them. 

We hear the "anger" - because my inbox of junk has not ceased while honest business is now impossible to deliver in a compliance manner.  However this makes no sense, it is real and we have to deal with it.

Speaker Bio - Robin Hollington

After a 20-year career as a Royal Marines Officer, during which time Robin completed a degree and a Masters in the "Design of Information Systems" (from a business perspective) and was admitted to the Institute of Directors and the British Computer Society, Robin entered the Defence Industry.

Moving to the Information Security space he organically grew a consulting business from almost zero to £1.2m in 5 years, during which time he was instrumental in defining the Vision and Mission for the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers and drafting their MOA and getting this trade body off the ground and established. 

Choosing to move on at the start of the recession was always going to be interesting, and a couple of years later after a family bereavement lead to a change of focus. He established his own Information Security, Data Protection, Technology and Business Planning consultancy business focused on start-up and SME businesses. The services including all aspects from Vision and Mission, organisational structures, business plans, definition of appropriate technology, (including web, e-mail and social media) and marketing.

Company information - Inspired Information Services Limited

Inspired focuses on three strands of business:

1. Information Security Consulting. This service covers Data Protection advice and security testing.

2. Business Information Technology. Inspire believes a company's technology should support its business strategy, not constrain it. IT should also inform the strategy, yet too often small and medium sized businesses lack the experience or knowledge to get this right.  Inspire are not like a lot of advisers who advise on an investment in technology when that is not the solution.  Inspire provides that transparent advice.

3. Strategic Consulting Strategic. Operational and Innovative Thinking are the foundations of our offerings, which include leadership advisory, consulting and operations management.

Inspired Service Solution for Chamber members

Inspired have introduced a SME focused website review covering the key aspects of what a website should "have" today.

A comprehensive report is created to allow business owners to work through a list of fixes. The review and report is a fixed price £495 for SA Chamber members (£100 discount).

Those SME's who wish to, can after the review of security vulnerabilities, take advantage of a specific Security Test which is also discounted by £100 to £495. 

A more robust review, if needed, with a comprehensive report and including the Security Test will be priced at a discounted rate of £895.

Location, Dates and Times

The workshop will be held at PwC, 7 More London, Riverside, London, SE1 2RT from 8:00 on Tuesday 4th December 2018.

8:00               -  Registration
8:00 to 8:30   -  Networking
8:30 to 10:30 -  Workshop

An assortment of breakfast bites, teas and coffees will be available.

Not to be missed!

Date:  8:00am to 11:00am, Tue 4th Dec 2018

Venue:  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
7 More London
London, SE1 2RT
United Kingdom
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