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Leadership Skills - Course 1

Description: Thoughtfully built around you

Want to help yourself be the best leader possible?  Who wouldn't?  To attain this goal, we need to discover what we don't know.

Eva Eldridge is a psychologist with 20 years' experience in neuroscience and clinical psychology, focused on business leadership.  She understands human emotions, individual differences and drivers, and how to support leaders to be empathetic and authentic - which is only possible if deeply self-aware.

Eva is running a 3-part series of small group interactive workshops that are created for the purpose of driving leadership through becoming self-aware, learning about ourselves.  This course is impossible to find elsewhere.

This leadership series is styled to help leaders perform in rapidly changing environments, manage their own transition from one role to the next and to effectively lead teams.

This is a bespoke series and seats are limited. The first half day session covers:
Personality, Motivation, Emotions and the four characteristics of the best performing CEOs.

Want to know what your EQ is?

Want to know how to improve your EQ - and therefore your leadership competency?


Admission is free for sponsors, finalists and winners from the Chamber's Business and Community Awards 2018, 50% discount for SACC members (£50) and full price for non-members (£100).  The market price for each half day session is £395.

It's also possible to dial-in to this session via Skype, at half the full rate for tickets.

As there is a high degree of interaction, these are styled to be small working group sessions so numbers strictly limited - please do not delay reserving your position.

Course One   

1. Personality (self-awareness) - the newest theories and why it is important to be aware of individual differences (Integrative Science of a Person and important aspects of profiling and selection for team and role fit)

2. Motivation - people's 2 default systems - how to motivate yourself and others to get the best results. The power of some rewards, the weakness of others (animated video)

3. Emotions - the most important drivers of behaviours and how appropriate thought process can help effective self-regulation (neuroscience perspective); exercise in Mindfulness
(Emotional Intelligence - what it is and how it can be developed and measured - optional)

4. 4 characteristics of best performing CEOs - evidenced by statistically rigorous and robust, cross cultural research, studies and surveys in organisations

Course Two     

5. Models of sustained Behavioural Change and habit formation (stage vs processual models) - understanding the mechanisms, tools and steps to create new habits, and ways to hard wire them (neuroscience perspective)

6. Decision making - 4 steps of faulty decision-making process and 4 ways to overcome them; understanding Cognitive Biases

7. Four sources of Power - and how to harness them

8. 20 bad habits that hold good people back - how to bridge the gap between where you are now and achieving your natural potential

Course Three     

9. Confidence - what it is and what it is not; why is it critical for your success; 5 confidence boosting techniques; "Confidence 10 Commandments"; exercise in pairs

10. Behavioural principles of Focused Action - how to enhance your authenticity in the era of high performance, information overload and action bias

11. Your personal Wisdom - what you can change, what you have to accept and what you should reinforce (Start/Stop/Grow) (exercise in pairs)

Date:  1:00pm to 5:30pm, Tue 22nd Jan 2019

Innovation Lab - Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
60 Ludgate Hill
London, EC4M 7HX
United Kingdom
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