The Expat Tax Explained

Description: Due to popular demand, a second date has been added for this event.

Up until now, South Africans living and working abroad for more than 183 days (60 days being consecutive) were able to be income exempt from South African Tax.  An amendment to the South Africa Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 is set to change this when it comes into effect in March 2020, and will require South Africans living and working abroad to pay tax in South Africa on up to 45% of their gross foreign employment income if it exceeds R1 million per annum gross. The majority of South Africans living abroad do not understand the implications of this new amendment, and how it will affect them.   
Join us on July 9, 2019 to hear Professor Deborah Tickle explain how the "expat tax" amendment to the South African Income Tax Act could affect you if you are working, or living permanently abroad. Professor Tickle will further clarify the consequences of the new amendment for South Africans not ordinarily resident in South Africa, but who may have assets in the country, South Africans who have permanently left the country, and those who have not settled their tax affairs (through financial emigration), and as such may also be subject to the changes depending on their individual circumstances.

Tickets are free to members, and cost £24 for non-members.
Sponsored by Orbis and hosted in conjunction with the South African Chamber of Commerce UK.

Date:  6:00pm to 9:00pm, Tue 9th Jul 2019

Venue:  Orbis Investments
28 Dorset Square
London, NW1 6QG
United Kingdom
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