Third party event: Caryn Scrimgeour: A Word is Not a Sparrow

Description: Everard Read London is pleased to present a solo exhibition of oil paintings by South African artist, Caryn Scrimgeour. This new body of work entitled, A Word is Not a Sparrow, was completed over the past 18 months and several of the works were inspired by the artistís recent travels in Japan.

Taken from a Russian proverb, the title of the show refers to the indelible permanence of a spoken word. "A word once uttered can never be taken back; instead it floats forever within our memories," notes Scrimgeour.

Scrimgeour's paintings are obsessively immaculate - a manifestation of intense attention to detail and an extraordinary command of her palette. Her table settings intrigue and fascinate by juxtaposing fragile and precious curios with commonplace objects, each exquisitely rendered.

Rich in symbolism, her work is reminiscent of still life paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. Scrimgeour uses ephemeral objects - butterflies, blossoms and fruit - to remind us of our fleeting existence.

Please contact the gallery for opening times and booking details.

Date:  9:00am to 6:00pm, Fri 15th Nov until Sat 21st Dec, 2019

Venue: Everard Read London
80 Fulham Road
London, SW3 6HR
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