Does Forex Accounting Lie?

Description: Why are there two versions of the truth for most companies when it comes to forex accounting?

The right business forex consideration for the company is one where a good level to take cover is defined and the cost of the product is set at that, or a similar forex rate. The gain to the business is then in the price of the goods to market gaining customer trust, and market share. Your business focus remains with the business plan.

In the world of accounting, at first glance it looks nothing like this breakeven outcome. As the order is produced, goods move to destinations, invoicing “paperwork” flows through days, weeks, months, or even beyond a year - many bridging over a year end. As a result, some vastly varied numbers can occur.

In theory, the two will deliver the same ultimate outcome, which mathematically would be true if you sold one item in the period. Ongoing business makes it difficult to see through the numbers during the financial year to the business truth.

During this roundtable, we shall consider these issues as they pertain to most businesses and will defer the complexities of hedge accounting for a later session. Join us to understand the importance of how the two systems are tracking results so that you can achieve the right business clarity relating to the forex risks within your business.

Date:  12:30pm to 1:30pm, Thu 1st Jul 2021

Venue:  Zoom

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