Celebrate Women

Description: Let us come together to celebrate all aspects of being a woman. An afternoon of inspiration, activities, workshops and fun – bringing us together, wherever we are in the world.

Delight Mapasure is a Zimbabwean-born businesswoman who is putting boerewors on the UK map.  Her products are now in mainstream retail, and she was on the 2021 series of Dragons’ Den.  Dee will share some of her insights about being a woman in business and how she finds her inspiration to keep going.

Rochelle Skead is a Specialised Kinesiology. Join Rochelle for a quick tune up of your mental, emotional, physical and energetic aspects to clear the baggage of low frequency.

Fleur van Eeden is retired Hollywood stunt woman and adventure girl who will be sharing her experiences of ‘Small Town to Big Screen’ to inspire us to chase our dreams.

Tracy Little is a healer and will take us through a mindful meditation of self-love –‘loving who you are right now, having compassion for yourself, seeing yourself in eyes of source energy, the divine, God.’

Abigail Klopper is a brand photographer and runs her own women’s membership community.  The 4 quadrants of Abigail's Profile Compass will help you gain confidence. When you understand yourself, you can have a big impact on the world.

Jean Creasey has a herbalist with a hugely successful natural skincare range. Jean’s session is: ‘Is Menopause supposed to be a menace? How to tell if you are in perimenopause, full menopause, and the natural ways you can get your hormones back into balance.’

Monica Dowling is a talented crafter. In her short session, and using what you have at home, Monica will show you how you can relax and unwind with crafts and make something lovely!

Yulia Bolshakova is a Russian-born, Cape Town-based Virtual Assistant who is the master of adaptivity. Yulia will explore how we deal with big and extreme changes by choice or by chance, and some tools to help you cope.

Hayley Joy Weinberg is a Plus Size Clothing Designer who has inspired women for 15 years to love themselves. The 'Toolbox in your Head' is about getting out of a very dark, negative and uninspired place, but creating a positive from every negative - a journey of self-realisation.

Dawn Denton is a content creator, writer, trainer, radio and podcast host. Her short session is about making goal setting fun!

Date:  12:00pm to 5:00pm, Fri 13th Aug 2021

Venue:  Zoom

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