Rescue - From Global Crisis To A Better World

Description: We are at a crossroads, the wrecking-ball of Covid-19 has destroyed global norms, and while many think that after the devastation there will be a return to "normality", to Ian Goldin, Professor of Development and Globalisation at the University of Oxford, this is a regressive notion. It was business as usual that led to the pandemic and may, if the right lessons are not learned, lead us into a dystopian future.

John Battersby, Journalist and former Director of the South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK will be in conversation with Professor Goldin about his book "From Global Crisis To A Better World", which tackles the challenges and opportunities posed by the Covid-19 pandemic ranging from globalisation to the future of jobs, income inequality and geopolitics, the climate crisis and the future of cities. 

He believes that this crisis can create opportunities for change, just as the Second World War was the catalyst that led the creation of the welfare state, the establishment of the United Nations and other international institutions that laid the foundations for a host of social and economic reforms, changing the world for the better.  

From Global Crisis To A Better World can be found here.

Watch the replay below:

Date:  1:00pm to 2:00pm, Wed 2nd Mar 2022

Venue:  Zoom

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