The World and South Africa beyond 2022 – The Latest Flags, Scenarios and Probabilities

Description: Imagine your power if you could learn how to think?  You can learn how to look ahead.

Isaac Newton said: "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

First in this year’s “Thought Leaders Series” we offer not only exciting insights into the future, but a glimpse into the mind of accomplished strategist and scenario planner, Clem Sunter. Clem is best known in South Africa for his 1980s analysis of the way forward for South Africa, “The World and South Africa in the 1990s” which offered two options, the High Road of a negotiated end to the apartheid regime, and the Low Road, leading to conflict and civil war. His presentation to the de Klerk government and work behind the scenes to help foster negotiations helped to steer the country away from disaster and towards a unified, democratic future.

Since then, Clem has authored 17 books, some of which have become bestsellers, and today he's regarded as one of South Africa’s preeminent scenario planner and strategists.

An uncertain world demands a dynamic approach. According to Clem, what's needed is a foxy, flexible mindset. He rejects the popular but misleading self-help tenet that you can decide your fate through the relentless pursuit of a single goal. The point is not to forecast one outcome but to plot multiple scenarios of what could happen. Using scenario-planning techniques, we can all harness the power to work towards the future we want, avoid the ones we don't, and prepare ourselves for the possible risks and opportunities no matter what transpires.

In this webinar discussion with Sharon Constançon, Chairman of the South African Chamber of Commerce UK, Clem will cover inter alia the great uncertainties of today’s world, including the Russian war on Ukraine and the political and economic uncertainties facing South Africa – and explore how to determine scenario choices and understand options to de-risk responses to an unfolding reality.

Watch the replay below:

Date:  12:00pm to 1:00pm, Tue 21st Jun 2022

Venue:  Zoom

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