First Wednesday with Gerald Ashley: From Here to Uncertainty

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About this event:

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VENUE: Deloitte - Stonecutter Court

Gerald Ashley is a sought-after speaker, advisor, broadcaster and writer on change, risk and decision-making.
Looking at risk from all industries and areas of life and study, Gerald seeks to challenge the classical economic models which attempt to predict behaviour with linear, rational processes. Gerald states that people simply don’t work like that, whether it’s consumers deciding on what product to buy, or business leaders choosing corporate strategy or investment.

Gerald has over thirty years’ experience in international finance and business, having worked in London, Hong Kong & Switzerland. He is a Visiting Fellow at Newcastle Business School and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

In his address “From Here to Uncertainty”, Gerald will look at some new ideas in Risk and Uncertainty and in particular how Complexity & Networks are an integral part of understanding Risk.

He will link in Behavioural Economics with the idea that individuals (whether rational or not) are not so many Robinson Crusoes taking independent autonomous decisions. Networks (both explicit & hidden) have an important impact on our behaviour. To do this, he will draw on ideas and anecdotes from Evolutionary Theory, Knightian Uncertainty and Life Insurance.

Gerald aims to help audiences think more deeply about the nature of change and decision making; as well as introduce them to the current research in the field, new ideas and potential tools coming in future.