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VENUE: Deloitte - 2 New Street Square

Alec Hogg is a South African writer, broadcaster and media entrepreneur. He started Moneyweb from a room above his garage in 1997 and listed the pioneering Internet publishing house on the JSE in 1999. It remains one of the few survivors of the bubble, largely thanks to Hogg’s introduction of business radio into South Africa and its global expansion.

In October 2012, Hogg left his creation soon after South Africa’s dominant player in the local newspaper market, Caxton, acquired control. Following the required “gardening leave” he started in August 2013. Adopting a different business model worked well for Biznews which is the fastest growing major online property in South Africa. In November, the Biznews audience exceeded 350 000 unique visitors globally.

Hogg, 56, a career financial journalist who received his profession’s highest award when just 23, has always been a “fighting general”, remaining close to the action through direct engagement in the product and an obsession for continuous learning. He is a veteran of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the 2016 event his 13th successive participation as a Global Media Leader.

Over the past decade he has also attended most of the Berkshire Hathaway AGMs in Omaha; those visits providing the foundation for his latest book –How To Invest Like Warren Buffett – being published in January 2016. He also voiced the audiobook, for which Biznews has the global rights, on former Oxford don RW Johnson’s classic bestseller How Long Will South Africa Survive?

In his position as Biznews editor, Hogg has been a close observer of the latest developments in South Africa where respected Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene was fired for taking a hard line against growing corruption. Biznews has been a leading voice in providing perspective behind the damaging decision by the President, arguing it was the result of Zuma’s desire to protect his network of crony capitalism and deliberate plundering of the public purse.

En route to this year’s Davos meeting, Alec Hogg will provide the insights of a close observer to the recent turmoil in South Africa. Sponsored by Deloitte, this event provides an opportunity for those interested in the country’s future hear from an articulate communicator who occupies a front row seat.

Hogg, who was born in London, is a South African citizen and lives in Johannesburg.

Please RSVP to should you wish to attend. Please note that this event is only open to Board members.