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Flip Buys is the Executive Chairperson of the Solidarity Movement, the largest Afrikaans civil organisation in South Africa that was established in 2002 under his leadership. The Movement comprises 18 community organisations, representing 350 000 families as members. The Movement comprises trade union Solidarity; civil rights organisation AfriForum; the Solidarity Helping Hand, focusing on social services and support to the Afrikaans community to address poverty; the Federasie van Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniginge (Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Societies); a private university, Akademia; Sol-Tech, a technical college; and Maroela Media, the largest no-cost Afrikaans news website in South Africa. The Movement has 25 partners with whom it collaborates closely. Among its partners count partners in the media, agriculture, education, as well as language, business and research institutions. The Movement is based on Christian democratic values, supports the market economy and pursues cultural federalism.

The Movement offers comprehensive services to the Afrikaans community as well as the broader South African community. It sets out to counteract the decay of state institutions such as municipalities; it promotes mutual recognition and respect among all South Africans; it rejects racism and fights corruption. It pursues equal opportunities for all and promotes the rule of law and economic freedom as a solution to poverty. Good relations with government are being pursued, and in February 2016 the Movement entered into an agreement with the ANC Alliance (which includes Cosatu and the SA Communist Party) to re-open the University of Pretoria after it had to be closed due to prolonged student unrest.

Academic profile
Flip obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Potchefstroom University (now North-West University) in 1988, majoring in Communication Studies and Political Science. In 1992, he obtained an Honours degree in Labour Relations from the former Rand Afrikaans University (now University of Johannesburg). During his student days at Potchefstroom University he was a member of the Student Representative Council, chairperson of the Chess Club, deputy chairperson of a missionary service organisation Hulpprojek, and editor of the university’s opinion journal. At a later stage, he also completed courses in Political Economy at the University of the Witwatersrand and in Project Management at the North-West University.

Flip is a member of the North-West University Council and is a trustee of various community, civil and charity organisations. He is a member of the South African Academy for Science and Arts, and is a member of FNB Commercial’s Advisory Council for Gauteng North. He holds several directorships, among others he is a director of the Solidarity Investment Company, a director (ALT) of the Rand Mutual Insurance Company and a director (ALT) of the Heritage Foundation.

In his schooldays Flip received provincial colours for chess. In his free time he reads and writes opinion pieces and columns. He is 53, married and has four children.