SA Chamber Connects: Protect your Business, Protect yourself

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About this event:

Created by sacc

VENUE: Wedlake Bell LLP, 71 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4AY
GBP 24.00

October 16th is an evening not to be missed!

For members, it is the meeting of the year – SACC AGM, to be held before the Chamber Connects evening.

The speakers for this Chamber Connects event are covering seriously important topics for both you and your business and should not be missed. Bring business and fellow South African colleagues to learn from experts in their fields.

Protect Yourself

As a South African, are you aware of the laws that could impact decisions you take in your personal life, for example, getting married, divorced or investing in a business? These laws can impact differently depending on your status in the country and the timing of these events. How best to learn from a South African born solicitor, Charmaine Hast, who helps South Africans when they are challenged – usually when things have gone wrong. Find out from the expert on how to be ahead of the game, protecting your assets, cash and future earnings.

Protect your Business

There is a lot of hype and noise, and for good reason, around the new Data Protection (GDPR) laws due out next year. There is an added complexity that many of us have in that we trade with SA or other non EU countries so our actions may not be protected or more challenged by the new regulation. As a small business, it is easier to get into trouble on Data Protection that a bigger company with the right policies and procedures being implemented. You cannot afford to miss this presentation.

Question time will be provided leaving time for networking and decamping to a local pub to finish our conversations.