Palisade Corporation

Palisade Corporation makes and Decision Analysis Software, which is straight forward to use, and incredibly powerful – enabling better business decisions using the information available.

With Harvard MBA being the first customer in the 1980’s the company has since proven itself a market leader, being used by 93% of fortune 100 companies and over 40,000 MBA students a year. In South Africa the software is used across all industries, most heavily within the Mining, Engineering & construction and Finance sectors. The software tools add-in to MS Excel, and include Monte Carlo simulation; Decision Trees; Optimization; Neural Networks; and Data Mapping. @RISK, the primary tool, enables uncertainty to be built into models and calculations, to give scenario and sensitivity analysis, risk quantification, evaluation of mitigation, and investment strategies – which are simple to run, and have effective graphical outputs for stakeholder communication.

Palisade also offers Training, consulting and custom software development services. More information, and trials available at

Primary Contact Will van der Merwe
Position Business Development Manager
Telephone 07769271193
E-mail [email protected]