Membership Categories – New Fee & Benefit Structure

Membership CategoryDetailsBenefits£ Ex VATTotal £
Key Commercial SponsorFocus on supporting specific
projects or investments
Platinum Plus
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As AgreedAs Agreed
Platinum MemberAny organisation or person with
interest to gain Platinum benefits
Platinum Benefits
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£4 900£5 880
Corporate MemberLarger Corporates > 250 peopleGold Benefits
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£1 900£2 280
SME MemberCompanies 11 to 250 peopleSilver Benefits
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£ 990£1 188
Entrepreneur / NGO / Charity
/ NFP Member
Companies up to 10 people
Charities & Not-for-Profit
Standard Benefits
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£ 290£ 348
Professional / IndividualIndividualStandard Benefits
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£ 190£ 228
Overseas / Retiree / Student /
IndividualLimited Benefits
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£ 125£ 150

* All amounts excluding VAT


Strategic Member

Strategic membership is a category set aside for a member who wants to support the Chamber in a very specific way. They wish to pay more or less than a Platinum Member, or pay instalments; the difference being that they pay directly to a project or contribute to an investment rather than pay a lump sum pre-defined annual fee.

Platinum Plus Additional Benefits:

All benefits enjoyed by all other categories, plus:-

  • Project will be highlighted on the website and very specific marketing will be provided to the Strategic member to write up their input on the project. This will be complemented with a dedicated section on their business and their involvement in the project.
  • Chair the Project Committee (if applicable) which leads on the project / investment – therefore a direct involvement in use of the member’s funds.
  • Role on the Advisory Board.

If you have any question, need assistance or want to express your interest
in joining please CONTACT US, we are always happy to help.

Price to be agreed.