Wine Tasting with Benguela Cove

Description: The South African Chamber of Commerce is delighted to host a wine tasting with Benguela Cove Wines.

This webinar/wine tasting will take place at 19:30pm (UK time, 20:30 ZA time) on Wednesday, 30th September, following on from the Spirit of Ubuntu Commendations.

It's free to attend, but registration is essential. Zoom links well be sent out in the 24 hours before the event.

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More about the wines, and links to order, below...


Benguela Cove Vineyards

Benguela Cove boasts South Africa's longest stretch of ocean facing vineyards (2.6km), grown at the lowest altitude - 2.7m above sea level. Located where Walker Bay meets Bot River, Benguela Cove's vineyards are unique. The special climatic conditions create a sublime setting for visitors and a special terroir to produce wines of distinction. The south-easterly sea breeze is chilled by the Benguela Current flowing up from Antarctica, to cool the grapes at night after warm summer days, irrigated by above average rainfall, for slow ripening and perfect viniculture.

Benguela Cove Estate Collection Wine Tasting Box | What's Inside

  • Benguela Cove Sauvignon Blanc 2019 - captures the essence of the Walker Bay wine region
  • Benguela Cove Syrah 2018 - an ode to the New World, this fruit-forward Syrah aims to please
  • Benguela Cove Cuvée58 NV - a harmony of flavours and represents perfection in a glass
  • Available in SA 3 Bottle Box | 6 Bottle Box (The member discount on the Benguela Cove website refers to Wine Club membership)
  • Available in UK 3 Bottle Box | 6 Bottle Box (The member discount on the Benguela Cove website refers to Wine Club membership)

The Story | Signature Estate Wines

Dedicated to the craft of allowing each wine to tell its own story, only estate-grown grapes are used to encapsulate this quintessential cool climate. This range bears consistent quality that echoes the diversity of styles produced from a single estate, be it red or white wine.The vineyards are brought to life on the shores of the Bot River lagoon where this special Walker Bay terroir holds the key to creating wines layered with fruit and poised on natural and bright acidities. Our vines are adjusted to the marginal conditions close to the sea, anchored in diverse soil types and on different aspects that in turn create various microclimates to harbour different varieties.

The Story | Estate Méthod Cap Classique

The Cuvée58 Méthod Cap Classique allures with vivid aromas of candied apple, pear and sweet grass. The bright acidity is balanced with a tangy finish, concluded with a fresh floral note. With a name that celebrates the facets of a diamond, sauvignon blanc was a clear-cut choice to lead this refreshing MCC. Reflecting the precision that both the diamond cutter and the winemaker apply to their craft; this wine is light yet luminous with enough gravitas to pour at any celebratory occasion.

About Johann Fourie

Johann Fourie is one of the foremost experts on winemaking and viticulture in South Africa - and the master winemaker at Benguela Cove.

"Our brief is quite simple; to combine the best efforts of earth and man to produce beautiful wines." - Johann Fourie

His passion for wine includes all aspects of the industry - from selecting vineyards for our brands to growing grapes, and from the technology of winemaking to judging on wine competition panels. His experiences include time spent in all the French and other European wine regions, as well in Canada, the United States and Australia.

Johann's philosophy is "To bridge the gap between the science and the artistry of making wine: that's why I enjoy spending time with consumers, not just to share our story and passion for what we do, but also to get a deeper insight into their interest in wine, and to reflect that in every bottle we produce."

About Barry Anderson

Barry Anderson is the Managing Director at Mannings Heath Golf & Wine Estate, and is responsible for all our UK wine operations. Barry has a supernova of experience when it comes to wine, viniculture and hospitality. He's passionate about people and this shows in every project he takes on.

"Our vision remains to provide the best visitor experience for Golf and Wine and to build on the fantastic tradition of hospitality people have enjoyed. Our message is we are open to all." - Barry Anderson

Date:  7:30pm to 9:00pm, Wed 30th Sep 2020
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Ticket price:Free

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