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Chamber Loyalty Offers Launched

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100% OFF!

Offer ends: Tuesday, 31st December 2024

Members can now publish special offers

Members can now publish special offers on the chamber website. They can be for everyone, or exclusive to other members.

This feature has been created to encourage more trade for your business, and to offer even better value to SA Chamber UK members.

Offers can be in form of:
A price reduction
An amount off
A percentage off
Can run indefinitely, or for a limited period

Include a redemption code, a QR code or add a utm code onto your url, so you know where your customers have come from (a sample redemption code is included below).

Use code SAMPLE-1 at checkout

The South African Shop

10% OFF!

10% Discount to Chamber Members

The South African shop was started by founder member of the South African Chamber, Mike Miller, in 1999, originally based in Maidenhead.

In 2011, Mike sold the business to Jumbo Importers, the biggest importer of South African food in the UK, established in the UK in 2003.

The South African Shop stocks a vast stock list of South African products including cooldrinks, biscuits, sauces, spices, iron pots (Potjie), beers, ciders, African curios and Cotton Road handbags. Despite the limitations, due to certain EU laws, some favourite products are now restricted but we are continually sourcing other alternatives. It is our desire to satisfy and make our loyal customers happy.

Use code chamber10% at checkout

360 Mole Mapping at OneWelbeck

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£100.00 OFF!

We all know that South Africans will see more than their fair share of sun in their lifetime, but how has this high level of exposure affected your skin health?

The SA Chamber of Commerce has partnered with OneWelbeck, a private healthcare facility based near Bond Street in London, who offer the most advanced form of mole mapping and skin analysis available in the UK. All moles and lesions are captured in great detail, and the images are stored safely for monitoring purposes. All images are examined by a dermatology consultant, and the software then uses artificial intelligence to flag up any changes to moles and marks when mapping is repeated at a later date.

OneWelbeck is offering SA Chamber of Commerce members an exclusive £100 discount on their first mole mapping appointment in the Skin Health & Allergy centre, making the total price £395. Members can also take advantage of £50 off any follow up appointment (normal price £395).

Each mole mapping appointment includes:

• A consultation with an expert dermatology consultant who will take a full skin cancer/sun damage history to assess your risk.
• Manual skin examination by consultant to identify any moles that require extra attention during the mapping process.
• Entire 360 map of your skin the mole mapping machine, which generates a 3D avatar of your body.
• USB with your mole mapping images, plus a topline report of any findings.
• Full consultant report within two weeks via email

Simply contact the OneWelbeck Skin Health & Allergy team on 020 3653 2007 quoting code SACHAMBER100 when making your initial appointment and quote code SACHAMBER50 for any follow up appointment or email us on the link below.

Please note this offer is only available to members who are paying individually (as opposed to invoicing a parent company).


25 in 1 Water testing kit

10% OFF!

Water quality test in under 2 minutes!

Water dissolves many minerals, chemicals, and foreign substances, then, it can get contaminated. Contaminated water can carry bacteria that can harm our bodies and make us ill. Our 25 in 1 Water Test Strips is the perfect solution for a complete water 'check-up' before consumption, keeping you, your family and community safe.

This kit can be used to test for:
Drinking water
Recreational water

Water from various sources such as:
Tap water
Borehole water
River water
Dam water
Bottled water
Effluent water
Sea water

It is easy to use, provides quick and accurate results in a few minutes.

What the kit tests for:

The Chemistry Solutions Company 25 in 1 Comprehensive Water Test Kit is a single-use test kit which provides a comprehensive panel of parameters for testing water as follows:

Aluminium: 0-250m g/L
Ammonia nitrogen: 0-500 mg/L
Carbonate Root: 0-180mg/L
Chromium/Cr(VI): 0-100 mg /L
Copper: 0-300mg/L
Cyanuric Acidiron: 0-300m g/L
E.coli: 3 CFU/ml
Fluoride: 0-200 mg/L
Free Bromine: 0-20mg/L
Hardness: 0-1000mg/L
Iron: 0-500mg/L
Lead: 0-500 mg /L
Manganese: 0-5mg/L
Mercury: 0-0.08mg/L
Nitrate: 0-500 mg/L
Nitrite: 0-80mg/L
pH: 6.2-8.4
Phosphate: 0-500mg/L
Potassium: 0-240 mg/L
Residual Chlorine: 0-20mg/L
Salt: 1500-5000 ppm
Sulfate: 0-1600mg/L
Total Alkalinity: 0-240mg/L
Total Chlorine: 0-10mg/L
Zinc: 0-100mg/L

Water test strips test instructions:
- Collect the water sample to be tested in a vial, cup, or container
- Immerse the test strip in the desired water sample and remove within 5 seconds
- Hold the strip horizontally and gently tap or shake to remove excess water. Take extra precaution to ensure that the water from test pads don't bleed into each other
- Read the test results carefully within 60 seconds in a good light and with the test area held near the colour