The Global Horizon

Description: What Geopolitical, Economic, Military and Technological Changes Can We Expect in the Year Ahead?

In the modern world, we are more interconnected and the impact of events thousands of miles away are felt more immediately than ever before, by individuals, businesses, industries, commodities, markets, and governments.

We are impacted at every level, emotionally and compassionately when we witness war and suffering, be it in Ukraine, Israel or Gaza. Modern communications bring the suffering of others into our own homes and places of work. We are impacted financially by the knock-on effects on fuel prices and supply chains, currency prices and interest rates. We are impacted politically as passionate debate rages throughout society, some sincere, others perhaps more opportunist in nature. As we saw during the COVID pandemic, even our health, our very bodies, don't exist in isolation; the wellbeing of others directly impacts the well being of all.

Change is normal, it's part of a living, dynamic world. However, with accelerating advancements in technology, rapid changes in climate and global economics, change today is happening at an ever increasing rate and in ways that make the near future difficult to predict.

South Africans live in many different countries across all continents, and in addition to a major election happening at home there are also due to be key elections in the UK and the USA, combining to create a landscape of unpredictability and uncertainty through which we must navigate our personal lives and strategic journeys.

VUCA, a state of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity makes many of us anxious and less functional, it saps our energy.

To cope with this we need resilience, information to contextualise events, explanations to help us understand and plan for myriad possible outcomes.

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Our speaker on this webinar, Hywel George, Director of Investments at Old Mutual Investments, is ideally placed to support us in coming to terms with the many changes taking place in the world, understanding what might happen and how we can improve our agility in life and in business to more quickly adapt to this ever changing world.

In particular, he will address:

• What can we expect from the 2024 elections in the UK, US, Russia, Ukraine, India and South Africa
• The changing state of ongoing global conflicts
• How technology trends, particularly powered by AI, will affect our working life, our health and our future


This event is free, but booking is essential. Zoom links will be sent out in the 24 hours prior to the event.


Hywel George, Director of Investments, Old Mutual Investments

As Director of Investments for Old Mutual Investments Hywel provides investment oversight across our five Affiliate asset management businesses, partnering with them to help further develop their investment business and succeed in their chosen market. These Affiliates comprise Old Mutual Investment Group, Future growth, Marriott, Old Mutual Alternative Investments and Old Mutual Specialised Finance, in total managing around R800 bn in assets. Hywel provides investment thought leadership at the Old Mutual Investments level, working with stakeholders across the Old Mutual Group to bring leading investment thinking to our broad and varied client base. As a member of the Old Mutual Investments Executive Committee, Hywel plays a leading role in the strategic development of our investment business, helping to ensure its ongoing success, growth and delivery of outstanding investment product to all our clients.

10:00am, Tue 9th Apr 2024
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