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Leadership Skills - Course 3

Description: Thoughtfully built around you

The final part of the Leadership skills training session will bring together lessons learned from the previous two sessions, and explore how to put it all into practice. 

"Your Personal Wisdom"

In the series of practical, interactive exercises you will have an opportunity to learn more about yourself. In a lively manner you will explore and build up the realm of self-knowledge and self-awareness.

The one constant factor in all your endeavours is YOU; understanding yourself is therefore paramount. In order to be an effective leader you need to develop strong self-awareness, an awareness of other's perception of your leadership as well as your awareness of other's needs. The module addresses these 3 key elements of excellence in leadership.

You will learn how to focus your relaxed attention
Our brains take in far more information in any given moment than we know in conscious awareness. Selective attention allows us to tune out what's irrelevant and focus in on what matters. You will practice how to notice distractions without being pulled away by them, and then refocus. Repeating those basic steps strengthens your capacity for focus just as lifting weights builds your muscles.

You will attune to your vision, values and purpose
Followers will only follow someone who knows where they areelf going. Do you know? How clearly can you see the path? Through a series of interactive and imagery exercises you will check how aligned you are with your purpose and how confident you are about it.

You will learn what it takes to REALLY listen and notice others
It's helpful to remember that at its essence, effective leadership is about creating the conditions for others to succeed. To hear them out and understand their needs you need to know how to listen. On a deep level. It's NOT about paraphrasing and summing up. In a series of practical interactive exercises, you will experience how it feels to be listened to (or not) and learn how to master this most important leadership skill.

No Skype callers on this session as it will involve mostly group activities and there won't be a lecture as such to listen to.

Admission is free for sponsors, finalists and winners from the Chamber's Business and Community Awards 2018, half price for SACC members (£50) and full price for non-members (£100).  Market price for each half day session is £395.

Date:  1:30pm to 5:30pm, Tue 26th Mar 2019

Venue:  Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP
65 Fleet Street
London, EC4Y 1HT
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