“Becoming a Powerhouse” with Dr Catherine Van Heerden

Description: Inaugural event of the Women's Chapter.

“Becoming a Powerhouse” by Dr Catherine Van Heerden is a talk that provides insights into what she believes are some critical elements that can elevate us into becoming and being more powerful – in our personal and work life.

After 27 years in her profession as psychologist, also working as a business consultant, executive coach, facilitator in strategy and as an author, Dr Van Heerden has constructed what she believes are the ingredients to Powerhouse Leadership.

The talk is aimed at any audience but in this prestigious event, will be delivered with professional women in mind and the realities that women face in the office, the boardroom and life in general.

Dr Catherine Van Heerden is driven by her passion for people and her obsession with adding real value to business, corporates, entrepreneurs and individuals.  She holds a doctorate in psychology, having submitted a dissertation on the Science of Human Transformation: Getting Unstuck, through the Open Commonwealth University in the UK. 

She founded a training and development business 25 years ago, called Thinking Dynamics which offers a wide variety of training programmes in the areas of business strategy, facilitation, leadership development and improved team performance and relationships.

Catherine is an internationally accredited master trainer for Dr. Edward de Bono in South Africa – one of only 20 in the world.  Dr. de Bono is an internationally renowned teacher and author in the areas of thinking and innovation.

She has worked with various prestigious corporations such as the JSE, Coca Cola, The Foschini Group, South African Reserve Bank, Nedbank Ltd. Standard Bank, Sasol, to name just a few.

The value Catherine brings to her clients is evident in the long-term relationships she has formed over the years.  She is also highly sought after as an Executive Coach to various CEOs and other senior leaders in this country.

Watch the recording below:

Date:  5:30pm to 6:30pm, Thu 20th May 2021

Venue:  Channel Islands & Zoom

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