SA Critical Election - Tipping or Turning Point?

Description: Please join us from 17:30 on Wednesday, 8th May at Streathers Solicitors, 44 Baker Street, London W1U 7AL, for an in-person discussion with one of South Africa’s most influential commentators on political, economic and future trends, Daniel Silke.

2024 is widely suggested to be the most pivotal election year in recent memory, as around the globe, 64 countries, representing almost half of the global population, are scheduled to go to the polls for national elections.

South Africa's General Election will take place on 29th May, 18th May for international voters. The global trend of voting for "change", a reflection of the disappointment felt by many people struggling with the cost of living and an increasing wealth gap, may prove to be of benefit to some countries, but not all.

South Africa is not isolated from the general discontent with government and with an increasing number of voters born after 1994, it will be interesting to see how many depart from voting along historically defined lines. Polls suggest the ANC may fall below 50% of the vote.  

Daniel Silke has described this election as "the most consequential election for South Africa since 1994". The range of possible outcomes is vast, from an ANC win, to a plethora of coalition options, some more difficult than others to sustain, to another party gaining an outright majority.

In this discussion, Daniel will focus on the domestic economy and possible political outcomes, exploring the complex interplay between economic strain and political change which is set to dominate the domestic discourse.

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Free to members, £30 each for non-members. All are welcome, but booking is essential.

About Daniel Silke

Daniel is currently the Director of the Political Futures Consultancy based in Cape Town. He specialises in a range of highly acclaimed keynote presentations on three core areas – The South African Political Economy; The Economic State of Africa and Global Volatility, Risks and Opportunities. These three topics offer audiences the very latest research and analysis presented in a highly entertaining, yet stimulating and engaging style.

Beyond South Africa, Silke has built an enviable reputation in analysing current economic developments across the African continent. Africa today provides tremendous potential but emerging headwinds are cause for concern.

Silke’s keynotes are factual and content-driven. His research is meticulous and his speaking style relaxed yet forceful in impact. Translating the world of data into understandable trends is essential for business and Silke’s approach has won him praise across the world. Few speakers can combine the economic, political and business trend-drivers all distilled into a riveting 1-hour presentation.

Date:  5:30pm to 8:00pm, Wed 8th May 2024

Venue:  Streathers Solicitors LLP
44 Baker Street
London, W1U 7AL
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