Dale Carnegie Training Session - Performance Management

Description: Accountability starts with clearly defined performance goals. Translating an organization’s business objectives into daily tasks is the process side of performance management. When you consider the human element of performance, you must consider that it is often not enough to know just what to do. It is also important to know the “how,” “why,” and “how well or how often,” in order for people to bring their best ideas and contributions to the work they do. Without clearly defined performance goals, you cannot determine if it is the person or the process that must be coached.

Learning Objectives

1. Create a picture of what a job looks like when it is being done well
2. Write a document that defines performance expectations
3. Identify key skills, knowledge and abilities essential to job performance
4. Translate business objectives into daily activities with measurable results
Dale Carn
At the completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Establish trust, credibility, and respect with listeners

  • Clarify the key points of a message

  • Open and close sessions with impact

  • Understand the variety of support tools that strengthen a message

Members Cost: £10         Visitors Cost: £15
(includes light breakfast and tea/coffee)

Date:  9:00am to 10:30am, Wed 20th Feb 2013

Venue:  Reed Smith

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