First Wednesday with Dr Lucie Cluver

Description: Dr Lucie Cluver is a South African social worker who is now a lecturer at Oxford University and the University of Cape Town. She works closely with the South African government with the goal of providing relief for AIDS-affected children. She acts as an advisor to UNICEF, USAID, Save the Children and the World Health Organisation. Two of her worst habits are missing flights and forgetting to pack antimalarial tablets.

Dr Lucie's topic will be: `Risk and opportunity for AIDS-affected children in South Africa'

April-May 2011 030.4

An estimated 7 million children in South Africa are orphaned by AIDS or living with AIDS-unwell caregivers. This presentation discusses new data from two studies, both taking place in close collaboration with the South African government: the developing world's first longitudinal study of the impacts of parental HIV/AIDS illness and death, following 1000 children in over four years; and the national 'Young Carers study', following 6000 children and 2600 matched child-primary caregiver pairs over one year. It identifies parental HIV/AIDS as a major risk for sexual risk-taking behaviour, educational delay, psychological disorder and tuberculosis transmission. The research also identifies modifiable risk pathways which can inform interventions, and examines the impacts of social policy programmes such as grants, free schooling and school support on risk outcomes. It asks questions and raises debate about how South African policy-makers, researchers and civil society can best work together to provide effective interventions for an AIDS-affected generation. www.youngcarers.org.za

As always, the speaker address will be followed by delicious canapes and the finest South African wines.

Date:  6:30pm to 9:30pm, Wed 6th Feb 2013

Venue:  Deloitte
Stonecutter Court
London, EC4A 4TR
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