Featuring: Caroline Ravenall


Stand Out or Burn Out

Description: This breakfast roundtable will feature an informal talk and what promises to be an intriguing conversation with Caroline Ravenall, a leadership consultant and human performance specialist based in South Africa who, for ten years, worked with Richard Branson and the Virgin group. 

In her captivating talk - entitled 'Stand Out or Burn Out' she will be sharing some of the lessons she learned on her leadership journey, together with some valuable insights to help us all keep our heads above water in the crazy world that we live in today.

You can find out more about Caroline at http://www.carolineravenall.com/

This promises to be something really different. Please book soonest as numbers are limited. 

Date:  8:00am to 10:00am, Thu 11th Oct 2018

Venue:  PricewaterhouseCoopers
1 Embankment Place
London, WC2N 6RH
United Kingdom
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Documents available for download: 

Caroline's Bio (328KB)

For more information dowload Caroline's bio.

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