Featuring: Due to unforeseen circumstances Louise van Rhyn has had to cancel her trip to the UK, so this event is now postposted. Thank you to all who accepted. We will keep you informed of future developments.


Partners for Possibility


The South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK is delighted to present a breakfast meeting with Louise van Rhyn, the inspired founder and director of Partners for Possibility (PfP).

Louise van Rhyn is a social entrepreneur who returned to South Africa (from London) to help make democracy work.

She founded an award-winning initiative called Partners for Possibility which is mobilising the skills and resources of business leaders to address the education challenge in South Africa. So far they have reached almost 1,000 schools and 800,000 children but the need is enormous and more is required.

PfP an extraordinary development initiative in South Africa which recruits teams of expertise in leadership, accounting, business administration and law to support formerly disadvantaged schools across the country.

The support teams help to release the school heads from crippling administrative loads so that they can focus on the business of leading their schools.

Louise, who founded the initiative under the umbrella of the charity Synfonia a decade ago, has achieved wonders and made a huge difference to the running of schools as she heads towards a target of 2000.

PfP has the support of local and national government but up to now has relied on the business volunteers and corporate donors who help to cover the running costs.

The model is perfectly suited for South Africans living abroad who want to make a real and enduring contribution to South Africa's education system which is under severe stress. It's rehabilitation and development is vital to the national economic revival which President Cyril Ramaphosa has set as the central target of his government. But government does not have the resources to do it alone.

South Africa's education system is in crisis. 78% of grade 4 children can't read with comprehension and 80% of schools are deemed to be dysfunctional.

The country's future is at stake. What can be done about this and how can the diaspora play a role?

Join us for a conversation about the role that business can play to contribute to the much-needed turnaround in South Africa.

For more information about Partners for Possibility please see their website or watch this video.

Date:  7:45am to 9:15am, Mon 20th May 2019

Venue:  Hogan Lovells LLP
Atlantic House
Holborn Viaduct
London, EC1A 2FG
United Kingdom
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