Third party event: Penelope Stutterheime: Mapping the Interior

Description: Everard Read is pleased to present South African artist, Penelope Stutterheime's second solo exhibition at the London gallery.

Mapping the Interior captures the essence of Stutterheime’s long-standing preoccupation with depicting inner landscapes. Drawing inspiration from dreams and the unconscious, her layered and textured paintings use impasto and intensely-vibrant colour to create mesmerising abstract works.

Stutterheime responds intuitively to her surroundings and events in her life, seeking to convey a state of mind rather than any particular reality. She describes pouring herself, her emotions and feelings through rather than into a work. The process seems to be deeply cathartic, with the act of repeatedly applying oil paint to the canvas, serving as a meditative process for subconsciously working through emotions. Only once complete does the artist have some clarity and a sense of what the work embodies.

Please contact the gallery for opening times and booking details.

Date:  9:00am to 6:00pm, Fri 15th Nov until Fri 20th Dec, 2019

Venue:  Everard Read London
80 Fulham Road
London, SW3 6HR
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