Why I am. Who I am. National Women's Day Event

Description: In South Africa, August marks Women's Month, and National Women's Day serves as an opportunity to highlight the issues women are facing, from gender based violence to schooling, from parenting to equal pay and career opportunities.

To mark Women's Day this year, at 18:00 (BST, 19:00 ZA time) on 10th August, the South African Chamber of Commerce UK will be hearing from five amazingly talented women who have achieved against the odds, many being "first in" their fields, who have excelled in various and remarkable ways.

What is beautiful is that each woman can be an icon or role model for other women, as each have remained a beautiful person, true to their roots, supporting others. 

Each will be sharing their personal insights into the highlights and challenges that have shaped them and made them the person they are today.  We shall hear of the three pillars that answer the question "why" and "who".

Watch the recording below:


Nicci Scott - a pioneer and trailblazer, defining new frontiers in the field of Transport and Logistics. An experienced serial entrepreneur, she boasts six business awards, an MBA and she is a mentor for the Cheri Blair foundation.

Carmen Stevens – Award winning black, female winemaker, with her own winery, Amani, in Stellenbosch.  Wine gives wings to her creative streak and has made her the first in many fields, one being first black female South African winemaker.  Inspired by her own roots, she is founder of the Carmen Stevens Foundation which ensures that school children are fed properly at school, removing many risks and delivering educated children.

Cath Coetzer, Global Vice President, Marketing & Public Affairs, Communication, Sustainability Services at Coca-Cola and Vice President SACC USA.  A pragmatic leader, with a passion to drive high performance, innovation and engagement.  A strong global thinker & strategist with experience in over 40 countries and through her role at International Womens' Leadership Council and beyond, a passion for the women agenda.

Annabel Vundla – Annabel Vundla – At a very young age Annabel rose through the ranks of the Air force to become the chosen pilot for President Nelson Mandela’s when he was traversing the country and the globe.. Annabel broke many barriers, and was the first black female pilot and flying instructor in the Air Force. After a distinguished career flying for the VIP Transport squadron of the SA Air Force, Annabel is now flying an Airbus A320 for South African Airways.

Nene Molefi - A sought after speaker for conferences around the world on diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias, values driven leadership and transformation.  Nene, is a member of the Diversity Collegium, a think tank of globally-recognised diversity experts.  She is a co-author of the Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks ( GDEIB)-Standards around the World .She is also a Board member of The Centre for Global Inclusion. and author of the thought provoking book, “A Journey of Diversity and inclusion in South Africa” . She is an associate lecturer for Duke University SA on DEI and High Performing Teams.

We will be challenging these women, teasing out the lessons they have learnt for our benefit, they will make us laugh, cry and flow over with admiration.

Date:  6:00pm to 7:00pm, Tue 10th Aug 2021

Venue:  Zoom

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