Innovation and Resilience Awards

Description: The last year and a half have seen unprecedented challenges to all kinds of businesses in the UK, South Africa and around the world. From supply chains through to staffing, sales and delivery, every aspect of trade and commerce has been affected by the pandemic.Yet, in spite of all this, some businesses have flourished and others have survived while their competitors have floundered by discovering entirely new markets and creating new, imaginative ways of doing business.

They have displayed sheer grit and determination in the face of uncertainty and wave after wave of change, and have not only survived, but emerged stronger for the experience with more sustainable business models.

While last year's awards focussed on the people delivering care to those in need, often at great risk to themselves, this year we are celebrating the innovators who have turned challenges into opportunities and have overcome setbacks with increased vigour and resilience.

We are looking to recognise both individuals and businesses, large and small, local and international, who through their innovation are creating the green shoots of growth that will generate economic recovery and give hope to communities across South Africa.

The SA Chamber wants to highlight success and particularly to recognise those who have achieved in adversity.

Watch the replay here:

Date:  6:00pm to 7:30pm, Wed 29th Sep 2021

Venue:  Zoom

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