Dale Carnegie Training Session - Inspirational Leadership


Which ever study you look at they say pretty much the same thing, that when employees feel inspired and engaged by their manager they will contribute more, take fewer sick days and focus more on satisfying customers. As part of your talent management strategy no doubt you will be looking for creative and powerful ways to 'Engage ' those individuals who can make a difference to your organizational performance both today & in the future.

Dale Carn
The charted institute for personnel & development recently stated in their publication 'Becoming an employee of choice' that '70% of people leave their employer and not their job'

This workshop will provide you with the tools to unite you employees and lead them to success:

1. Discover the 3 dimensions and the 3 drivers of engagement
Offices with engaged employees are 40% more productive (Hay Group)
2. Learn proven ways to improve performance
Engaged salespeople produce 28% more revenue (NCFC)
3. Develop inspiring ideas to engage your talented staff
4. Find out how managers can apply principles to maintain staff
Engaged employees are 86% less likely to leave (Gallup)

Members Cost: £10         Visitors Cost: £15  
(includes light breakfast and tea/coffee)

Date:  9:00am to 10:30am, Wed 27th Mar 2013

Venue:  Reed Smith

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