Cindy Norcott: How does she do it?

Description: Apart from being an author of the best selling book "How to be Unstoppable" Cindy is a wife, mother to two girls, a businesswoman, has climbed Kilimanjaro, built a crèche for under-privileged children, has her own foundation, is a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur who, 27 years ago, single handedly launched her business, Pro Appointments.

In this talk, Cindy will speak about:

1. Guilt - the gift that keeps on  giving. 
2. Perfectionism - ain't nobody got time for that.
3. Stop comparing - stay in your own lane.
4. Self-care - you can't pour from an empty cup.

This is a vulnerable and funny talk about one woman who wears many hats, trying to balance business, family and life.

You can watch the replay below:

Date:  5:30pm to 6:30pm, Wed 16th Feb 2022

Venue:  Zoom

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