“The aim of the 30th anniversary programme in the UK, said Kingsley Mamabolo, South African High Commissioner to the UK, ‘is to allow us to reflect, explore and re-engage with the spirit of 1994. The road to 1994 was long, painful, but travelled in solidarity. In 2024, we can reflect on the lessons we learned and review how we can continue together to build the South Africa and the world we all want to see. I am excited that the year opens with an exhibition of art by Norman Kaplan, artist and activist who lived in the UK in exile, among so many other South Africans, and who returned to South Africa when it was possible to do so. His works enable us to realise the power of art to inspire action, build solidarity, and to call to account injustices wherever they are found.”

‘All Shall Be Afforded Dignity’ is the theme of the UK-SA

The year long programme is convened by Action for South Africa (ACTSA – the successor organisation to the British Anti-Apartheid Movement), with the South African High Commission to the UK, and solidarity partners.

We hope that support will be forthcoming from the business community and those who have moved to the UK for work and family reasons, but who wish to work with the High Commission and ACTSA to make the year a successful milestone. The opportunity to connect with a new generation of leaders between SA and the UK is extremely important, since they are already innovating and connecting in business and trade, tourism and culture and so many other touch points of international interest. There is a group called ‘Friends of SA2024’, which is open to any institution to join, which provides a means to make the year successful through marketing and communications. This will also promote longer term impact after the commemorative year ends, for instance the endowing of exchange programmes in science, and business opportunities in culture, tourism and green enterprises.

The heart of the year is looking forward, and to that end a special series of video films called ‘30@30’ will feature 30 young South Africans born in 1994, to learn how their journeys were possible because of democracy. This series is looking for sponsorship.

Friends of SA2023 will have their institutions or companies listed on the website, invited to all of the events and have opportunities for sponsorship of events as well as bespoke events created.

The programme spans events such as art exhibitions, theatre, music, symposiums and a special event in Westminster Abbey. You can find the year’s calendar on www.sa2024.org where all of the national events are listed, which are open to the public or to which tickets can be reserved.
We are indebted to the convening group, chaired by Lord Peter Hain, to help bring people together during this special year.
To find out more about how to join ‘Friends of SA2024’,
contact Tricia Sibbons 07487 511137
email: [email protected]
Other information available on www.sa2024.org

Opening on 23 April – 6 May 2024 in London (then touring), the exhibition ‘All Shall Be Afforded Dignity’ celebrates 30 years of democracy in South Africa and offers a chance to reflect on the enduring question of ‘dignity for all’ in South Africa and beyond. People across the world and particularly people in or from the global South, continue to be impacted by the denial of inherent rights, long recognised by signatories to the United Nations charter, established 75 years ago, but too often we see such rights ignored.

The work on display is organised around the work created by artist Norman Kaplan in 1996 in response to a call for art to respond to the ‘home’ of the Constitution of newly democratic South Africa. His lino-cut, All shall Be Afforded Dignity, was awarded the first prize honour to be engraved and permanently displayed in the South African Constitutional Court. Kaplan’s pre and post-apartheid prints serve as potent reflections accentuating the shared, collective humanity foundational to a democratic South Africa.

For general information, images for press use etc:
www.uk-sa2024.org is the website convened by the co-ordinating UK registered charities ACTSA and The Liliesleaf Trust UK’s Anti-Apartheid Legacy Centre for the special year of commemoration.

Action for Southern Africa together with Anti-Apartheid Legacy: Centre of Memory and Learning, are delighted to co-present this exhibition in the UK, together with the support of the South African High Commission to Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the University of East Anglia and St Martin in the Fields.

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