In an interview with Palesa Madumo of Vuma Reputation Management, Adrian Enthoven, the Deputy Chair of the South African Solidarity Fund has raised a vigorous defence of the Fund’s integrity against attacks made on social media.

Such claims fallaciously state that donations to the fund are vulnerable to government corruption.

During a webinar ahead of the Chamber’s drive to raise awareness and funds for the Solidarity Fund, Mr Enthoven was keen to set the record straight. “The Fund was set with pro-bono support from individuals and business, it has an independent board… it’s maintained with the highest governance principles of the private sector”, he stated.

“There’s been a lot of confusion,” Mr Enthoven explains, “a lot of people think that the Solidarity Fund is part of government, it’s one of the government funds that’s caught up in PPE corruption, but actually it’s an entirely separate independent entity, it’s a separate not-for-profit company.”

According to Enthoven the Fund was “established by Business and Government together with the idea that it would create a single initiative to help mobilise resources in society”.

Watch the clip of this full webinar below:

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