The SA Chamber UK’s Wealth Creator Project

The Wealth Creator Project, spearheaded by Adrienne Hall, a member of the Special Interest Chapters Division of the SA Chamber UK, is a programme that aims to promote innovation, connect entrepreneurs with ideas, and open channels for mentorship and funding. With their experienced team, including Ajay Lalu, a serial South African entrepreneur and founder partner of the project, the SA Chamber UK is committed to creating an ecosystem that promotes betterment for all.

Ajay Lalu’s success story is a testament to the importance of belief and recognising every challenge as an opportunity. His latest venture, Q-Hop, a South African-made app, has attracted international recognition, investment, and support from industry giants such as Google and Microsoft. His germaphobia and aversion to queuing were the driving forces behind the creation of the app, which facilitates queue-less shopping and encourages values-based shopping by providing an ESG index of shopping baskets, including CO2 emissions, water stewardship, diversity, and inclusion.

Ajay believes that wealth creation is not about “creating islands of prosperity in a sea of poverty,” but rather about creating an ecosystem that promotes betterment for all. He advocates for regenerating our moral fibre, believing in our ability as ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and understanding our power to make a difference.

As we launch the Wealth Creator Project, we are honoured and delighted to have Ajay on board. With his experience, wisdom, and commitment, our programme is well-positioned to achieve our goals of promoting wealth creation and creating an ecosystem that supports it for all through our member networks.

We are excited to announce that we shall be running the Wealth Creation Series until the end of the year. This series will showcase many entrepreneurial successes and share learnings through the trials, tribulations, and successes of others. We look forward to exploring and sharing the stories of those who are driving innovation and creating wealth within South Africa.

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