This year, for the first time, I note the significance of wrapping presents. We are symbolically wrapping up the old year, and morphing … to gifting a treasure to another to benefit them in the year ahead.


As the year draws to a close, we are also wrapping up in the working context, to be instead at home with family and friends.

Many global South Africans are heading back to South Africa for a sunny and warm, outdoor holiday break from the cold of the northern hemisphere.

The Christmas lights in South Africa do not compete with the efforts that people make in the colder climes with their trees, homes and gardens. Every English village is festooned with lights and the city of London looks magical with miles of Christmas lights.

It is a time for reflection, and every year has its good and bad history. I like to look back on the successes to get us into a positive place to plan and enjoy the year ahead.

Chairman’s Christmas Message 2023
Chairman’s Christmas Message 2023
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