A step back in history as we move forward in shaping the future: the exclusive Gala Dinner of the SA Chamber, in the UK, hosted at one of the most historic pieces of real estate in the world – By Kim Jansen

Located within the famous financial district (the Square Mile) of London, every inch of Mansion House is steeped in history. It was architect George Dance the Elder who won the major commission to design Manor House as we know it today.

Its magnificent Palladian design style is an ode to the famous Italian architect, Andrea Palladio and is unmistakably stately and grand, famous for its grand portico and Egyptian Hall. Dance’s other famous architectural designs include the Great Synagogue of London, Parish Church St Leonard’s in Shoreditch and the Town Hall of Coleraine in Northern Ireland. Today, his indelible mark is felt within the walls of Mansion House.

Completed in 1758, the first Lord Mayor to take up residence was Sir Crispin Gascoigne and since then, it has been the home of every Lord Mayor for their term in office. This impressive architectural delight boasts numerous rooms that have become some of the most in-demand spaces for conferencing and events in the United Kingdom, with only the most premier events being hosted at Mansion House, United Kingdom.

The famous Egyptian Hall is located on the first floor along with the Salon. The first two floors house the entertaining rooms, with the Lord Mayor’s private family apartments and the ballroom on the second floor.

While much of its unmistakable original character is still in place and evident, it was George Dance the Younger who removed the two original large roof pavilions for safety reasons. Further refurbishments were completed in the 1860s, 1930s and 1990s. The famous and historic character of these rooms are a major draw for events and conferences.

On entering via the “new” side Walbrook Entrance, look out for the 18th Century Hallkeeper’s Chair which included a drawer for a hot pan or coals to keep the occupant warm.

The Great Egyptian Hall is in fact more Roman in style as it was based on the designs of Architect Vitruvius of Roman’s buildings in Egypt. Comfortably seating 350, it houses marble statues and large stained-glass windows either end dating back from the 1800s.

With its striking chandeliers, the Salon is an unparalleled reception area. These crystal chandeliers are said to be unmatched in their brilliance and grandeur.

This year promises to be the SA Chamber’s most prestigious Gala Dinner event and a premier networking opportunity for members and supporters. The Chairman, Sharon Constancon feels “there couldn’t be a more fitting venue than the acclaimed Mansion House to facilitate the pleasure of establishing new connections as we build into the future together.”

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