BREAKFAST INDABA PUTNEY and The SA Chamber of Commerce have partnered to deliver the monthly Breakfast Indaba, the most pro-active business networking opportunity within the South African community.

Every participant will be given the opportunity to present to the group of 40+ South African orientated business networkers, enjoy a great breakfast and GENERATE BUSINESS.

What’s great about working with other South Africans? They speak your language. They are friendly, clear, honest and direct in their business dealings and, like you, know what hard work means and they have fun doing it. You and your business need people like that – people you can trust.

The Breakfast Indaba asks each business person to do a one-minute business presentation so everyone can understand the clients they are searching for. There’ll also be an educational plus a coffee and a decent breakfast served during the proceedings.

You are welcome to come as a guest the first time and the breakfast costs £10. However, To secure a membership and have exclusive rights to present your chosen profession/industry for the year then please email: [email protected]. Memberships cost £150 plus vat for 12 months.

Venue: Carluccios, Putney

Time: 7.30am

To buy tickets click here

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