Dear All,

I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you who supported me and donated towards achieving our goal this November during the Mellon Educate Building Blitz 2017. And share with you the team photo below – as an fyi those dressed in yellow shirts are first timers [100 in all] the various other colours are based on the number of years you’ve been on a blitz – purple are 10 years plus !!!! true legends ! …

Moi in Blue – 2-4 years service… I go onto green next year I cant wait !

Even though a lot of abuse was thrown in my direction – I made every donation count – one more block moved – one more wheel barrow and naturally just one more photo !:)

Thanks to our hard graft and your very kind donations, our 2017 Building Blitz week was a phenomenal success and 3,650 learners – aged from 4 years to 18 years old – and their teachers are now benefitting from the classrooms, kitchens, science laboratory, playgrounds, sheltered areas and sports field – not to mention their enjoyment of the brightly painted artwork adorning the walls or the wonderful toys hand crafted for the little ones!

All of it is all YOUR doing and you should be very very proud of your achievements and your support in your donations.

We are so grateful to you for helping us to give these children the chance of a better brighter future – THANK YOU!

In summary the MBA team raised in excess of £20,000 from just over 200 donations…. What a great achievement !

And more importantly I wanted to get the thumbs up from at least 10% of all the donations to SAY YES I will join you next year ….Looking back on the comments there were at least 10 of you that said YES they like to do it next year …..  You know who you are so please reply to me saying YES  i want to join you next year and then we can start the process to get your interest secured for next year !!!  MAKE THAT LEAP BEFORE CHRISTMAS !

Please Do Visit the website – to see all the pictures  and videos on the home page – our team music video is a classic ! We also had the pleasure of being the charity partner for the B2B Marketing Awards which was fantastic and great to see 1,000 get the message loud and clear J 2018 is going to be our best blitz ever !

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart …. And each and every one of you have an amazing December and hope to see you all in the near future and you got it – ON THE BLITZ IN 2018 !:)

Mike XXX

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