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Breadline Africa

Every child has the capacity to do something phenomenal with his or her life.

When a child’s imagination is unlocked, possibilities are opened up, allowing them to choose a path for their own future. Breadline Africa enables this journey by providing initiatives and infrastructure to support childhood development in Southern Africa through early childhood education.

Breadline Africa was established in Cape Town in 1993 and registered as a non-profit organisation in South Africa and as a registered charity in the UK. Originally, we recognised that a great deal of grassroots development had to take place as a part of the nation-building process, and that government structures would not be in a position to provide all of the resources to facilitate this process. Attention was given to the needs of community-based organisations and we raised and distributed in excess of R117-million to more than 330 organisations. Over the years, our focus changed from being a grant giver to providing infrastructure for educational outcomes. Our goal is to place 1,000 infrastructure units by 2023, impacting more than 250,000 children.

Primary Contact:Wendy Hill

Position:UK Administrator

Tel:+44 (0)1473 259048

Email:[email protected]


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