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Award-winning customer experience specialists, nlightencx, offer a multidisciplinary approach to tailor end-to-end CX solutions for businesses. Applying global best practice, nlightencx works with clients in both South Africa and the UK, making it an especially cost-effective service for UK companies as they are charged SA rates.

Their signature True Voice of Customer programme helps B2B companies increase sales by up to 30% in just 24 months. Purposely designed to take an organisation from being customer unaware to customer-centric, the fail-proof framework delivers tangible results to drive an actionable CX strategy.

The full CX offering includes Voice of Customer (VoC) Research, Strategy, Customer Experience Redesign, Customer Journey Mapping, and Staff Training.

Primary Contact:Nathalie Schooling


Tel:+27 82 455 6303

Email:[email protected]


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