“Outstanding efforts deserve reward and recognition”

There are just a few days left to nominate those colleagues, peers, associates and special people who you deserve recognition for their outstanding contribution to business and the community. 

The South African Chamber of Commerce Awards is a celebration of the best efforts and achievements of people connected with South Africa who live and work in the UK. We invite nominations in a range of award categories, each focusing on specific areas on business and community activity. 

The Awards will be taking place online this year, but still promise to be an exciting and rewarding experience – and hopefully reach an even wider audience at a much lower price.

Here are a few reasons why you should get nominating:

  • The awards give recognition to remarkable people doing amazing work.
  • Shortlisted nominees – and especially winners – benefit from enhanced peer recognition.
  • It’s not an ego thing as the awards don’t involve the nominees submitting an entry.
  • This is an ideal opportunity to recognise unsung heroes.
  • It’s motivational for the nominees and winners to have their business and community contributions acknowledged.
  • The nominees are inspirational and collectively provide shining examples to others to make their own special contributions to the world of business and the wider community.
  • It’s free to nominate
  • It’s simple – just explain why you nominee is so inspiring.
  • You can make nominations for all categories. Remember you can only enter an individual not an organisation.

Make a nomination

The judging panel may reassign your nomination to a different category if they feel it is more appropriate – so don’t worry if you’re not sure in which award category to make your nomination. 

We will contact the nominee if they are shortlisted. All winners of the awards will receive official trophies for display purposes, be promoted as part of a public relations campaign to the business community and get a years free membership to the South African Chamber of Commerce UK.

The nomination deadline is Tuesday 30 June 2020. 

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