The South African Chamber of Commerce was privileged to host award-winning entrepreneur and restaurant owner Odile Ham, speak at the August Breakfast Indaba. 

Odile spoke about her transition from being a corporate employee to entrepreneur and the shared the factors to led to her success as a Steers and Wimpy franchise owner.

Odile emphasised that transitioning from employee to business owner requires a significant shift in mindset, and as acknowledgement and acceptance of the fact that you are now responsible for all activities and ultimately the success of the business.

Leading by example is a key factor in achieving success, and your staff need to be well-trained and held accountable towards achieving a high quality product. 

Of vital importance to the everyday running of a business is monitoring cash flow effectively. Indeed, ensure to maximise opportunity by negotiating and asking for credit terms with suppliers to help manage cash flow. 

Lastly, Odile emphasised the need to listen to your customers and accept and implement their feedback to achieve sustainable success. 

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