As previously reported, Sharon Constançon, Chairman of the SA Chamber of Commerce UK, members, colleagues, and friends will be participating in the virtual TCS London Marathon, on 2 October, 2022, to raise funds for Breadline Africa

Excitingly, we have now secured extra places so that more people can register for the marathon and take part!

Our objective is to have a minimum of someone on each continent, walking or running, you can do it in stages or all at once – even on a treadmill! – it’s up to you! No wheels though!

The virtual TCS London Marathon gives you the choice to run or walk the 26.2 miles (42.2km) your way, on the route of your choice, at any time from 00:00 to 23:59:59 BST on Sunday 2 October 2022 – the same day as the in regular main London event through the City streets. There is even the option to take part on a different day if you are unable to run on the Sunday for religious reasons.

We have now secured access to multiple tickets, so book yours as soon as you can, to be the first on your continent to secure your place and together we will raise enough funds to directly make a difference – the pennies add up!

All participants will collectively be part of our Strava Challenge, sharing the pain and pleasure, photographs and stories as we together take on our own personal challenge as we each walk 26.2 miles. You can join our Strava at no extra cost to see how many miles South Africans can walk in the day globally – to set up the challenge for next year.

Ticket:  £28.00
Admin Fee for online payment: £2.00
Postage cost of finisher’s medal and T-shirt by VLM: £7.00

Total: £37.00 with completion T-shirt and medal / £30 entry only

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