Fostering Bi-Lateral Trade and Celebrating Excellence

On Wednesday, 31st January members and supporters of the South African Chamber of Commerce UK gathered at Saddlers’ Hall, in the heart of the City of London, to honour businesses and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements, innovation, and resilience in their respective fields, symbolising the dynamic business landscape of both the UK and South Africa across a broad range of disciplines. The awards exist to promote bi- lateral trade and cooperation, to celebrate the highest standards in business excellence, and to inspire up-and-coming businesspeople with the belief that with hard work and determination, success is an achievable goal.

Attended by almost 100 finalists, guests, members and supporters, the atmosphere was warm and the enthusiasm contagious. We were very grateful to the many finalists based in South Africa who made themselves available via Zoom to participate in the evening, which given the two-hour time difference made it quite a late night for them. It was wonderful to capture their reactions live, and heartwarming to witness the joy and gratitude the winners expressed, which made the months of preparation for the evening very worthwhile. It was impossible not to be moved at the winner’s spontaneous reactions, showing that it makes a very real impact to have achievements recognised.

The awards also provide a well-deserved exposure for some of South Africa’s finest in front of an international and influential audience.

SA Chamber UK Business Awards
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