A Bright Torch in the Darkest of Times

Sivusisizwe Africa Initiative, a powerful concept that resonates with the spirit of rejuvenation and revival, encapsulates the essence of “Rebuilding the Nation.” The organisation is a symbol of hope, as it supports and guides young men who are raised by single mothers and have not had the presence of their biological fathers in their lives.

L-R, Ndabezinhle Mfeka, Chairperson, Fundraising Committee; Duduzile Thabede, CEO Sivusisizwe; Sibusiso Vilane, Sivusisizwe Global Goodwill Ambassador

Sivusisizwe, shining like a celestial torch in the darkest of times, a radiant symbol of optimism, was launched in June 2022. After a year of meticulous desk research, they uncovered the profound impact of fatherlessness on the boy child in South Africa.

Their mission extends its nurturing arms to adolescent fatherless boys, who, like tender buds, blossom within the walls of primary and high schools. But their reach doesn’t stop there; they also extend their support to courageous single mothers, who, like lionesses, fiercely raise their boys in the absence of their biological fathers.

Through their captivating campaigns and transformative programmes, they strive to unlock the dormant potential within these fatherless Adolescent Boys and Young Men (ABYM). Their ultimate goal is to empower resilient mothers, equipping them with the tools and resources needed to create a nurturing and empowering environment for their beloved sons.

Their initial focus lies within the townships of the eThekwini, where they aim to sow the seeds of change. But their ambitions stretch far beyond, envisioning a future where their impact blankets the entire KwaZulu-Natal region. However, this dream can only be realised with the support of generous funding, which they eagerly seek to propel their noble initiative forward.

“Our aim is to motivate and unleash the complete potential of adolescent boys and young men (ABYM) through our programme.  We also support single mothers raising their

sons alone by providing a safe space to connect, create local support groups and access resources that will empower mothers to raise their sons in a supportive and resourceful environment,” explained Sivusisizwe CEO Dudu Thabede.

Their efforts up to this point have demonstrated their sincere commitment to empowering boys and young men, assisting them in realising their complete potential as compassionate and understanding individuals.

Their grand vision involves offering culturally attuned and conveniently accessible tools to single mothers who bravely navigate the challenging task of raising these boys without their biological fathers.

But that is not all! They are also determined to weave a vast web of support across the nation, tackling head-on the pressing problem of fatherlessness and lending a helping hand to single mothers in nurturing sons who are not only well-rounded but also overflowing with kindness.

Sivusisizwe Initiative’s first school holiday camp in July 2023, hosted at Mangosuthu University of Technology.

The organisation is led by a committed team of directors who are responsible for steering its overall strategy and ensuring that its actions positively impact all people involved. They are assisted by an advisory committee comprised of a diverse group of academics, social activists, and community developers. This committee plays a crucial role in providing additional information and expertise to address any knowledge deficiencies.

“In addition to our achievements in the field, we have also made significant progress in establishing a passionate multidisciplinary volunteer advisory committee. This committee will guide our strategy and focus areas, ensuring that we make the most impact. Furthermore, we have appointed a dedicated and skilled Board of Directors who are fully committed to our programme and the long-term sustainability of our organisation,” said Thabede.

For more information about Sivusisizwe Africa Initiative and how you can get involved and support their objectives, contact [email protected] or their chairperson, [email protected]

www.sivusisizwe.com – Article courtesy of The Men’s Voice, an online magazine dedicated to supporting positive role models for men of South Africa

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