The Commonwealth Fair, which took place at Kensington Town Hall on Saturday, 10 November, is a special, enjoyable occasion demonstrating the vigour, the diversity and the splendour of the Commonwealth countries.

As well as providing a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy the food and entertainment of the participating countries and to obtain their specialised products, the Fair aims to raise funds to assist, through the Commonwealth Girls Education Fund, with the secondary education of disadvantaged girls with potential to achieve high academic success in their homelands, thus enabling them to become agents of positive change in their own countries and the world.

The Commonwealth Fair is organised by the Commonwealth Countries’ League, one of the oldest organisations in the Commonwealth. Established in 1925, the League has its roots in developing multicultural memberships dedicated to strengthening and widening the educational opportunities of women in the Commonwealth member states. The work of the League is based on the spirit of co-operation as they seek to assist in the empowerment of women. 

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