The Africa Marketing Initiative (TAMI) is a valuable inbound business portal where international organisations interested in trading in South Africa can interact with relevant service providers and/or professional in-country facilitators. In addition, TAMI is a networking platform for South African organisations for local and international business content and linkages.

There is no doubt that South Africa has huge international attraction for its local produce, goods, and commodities. There are many good reasons why South African business leaders and entrepreneurs should think positively about international trade. Inbound and outbound flows of transactions are critical in creating enduring international relationships, and in ensuring ongoing and predictable flows of sales and purchases of produce, goods, and commodities.

The Africa Marketing Initiative (TAMI) is one of many organisations in South Africa helping to encourage ongoing and predictable trade into and from South Africa. Through the South African Chamber United Kingdom, the KwaZulu-Natal Growth Coalition, and the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, TAMI is becoming an effective tool for international business leaders and governments to engage directly with private and public sector specialist organisations within South Africa.

Inbound business portal

The initiative is an inbound business portal, making it easy for international organisations, interested in understanding how business works in South Africa, to speak directly to private sector business specialists in each of the following functional areas:

  • Banking
  • Understanding and communicating with specific target markets
  • Black economic empowerment parameters
  • Managing sustainability expectations
  • Effective operations and logistics management
  • Facilitating efficient cross border financial transactions
  • Creating an online digital presence
  • Providing mobility services
  • Engaging property experts

Each of the TAMI service providers have prequalified as ethical and effective organisations and are regarded as good corporate citizens.

It also creates direct links to public sector organisations such as the SA Revenue Service; Department of Employment and Labour; Department of Home Affairs, Department of Trade, Competition, and Industry; Trade and Investment KwaZulu- Natal; Invest Durban; KwaZulu-Natal Business Chambers Council; and South Africa Chamber United Kingdom.

A Knowledge Source The initial intention of TAMI was to encourage only international trade opportunities into South Africa. However, it has now also become a knowledge source and networking facility for local South African organisations, who are able to join as Circle Members

Immediately on joining, these members become included in the South African Chamber United Kingdom mailing list and receive invitations for business powered webinars, newsletters, and also invitations and local content from the KwaZulu-Natal Business Chambers Council.

TAMI Circle Members join and remain members at no cost, and also become members of the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club. The Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club is a global networking platform for trade and collaboration, whose purpose is promoting SMEs and opening doors for entrepreneurs, industrialists, traders, and various service providers.

The initiative therefore has two direct outcomes, both of which are related to networking and collaboration. The first being a business portal where international organisations can speak to capable and reliable South African functional area service providers and/or a professional in-country facilitator. The second being a networking platform for South African organisations to join where they can receive local and international business content and linkages.

Direct Linkages

Through the SA Chamber United Kingdom, TAMI is being introduced around the world, to encourage Chambers to inform their members of its direct linkages to business solutions and business advice in South Africa.

The Ireland Chapter of the South African Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom Chamber is in the process of setting up an Ireland TAMI, and thus making it possible for South African and international organisations to gain opportunity to interact directly with Irish public and private sector organisations in Ireland. With Ireland creating their own TAMI team of professional support service providers, it aims to encourage business and trade linkages between Ireland and South Africa.

We encourage South African organisations to visit the TAMI portal (, to register on the site as Circle Members, and to become part of an organisation focused on delivering exceptional business content, providing access to networks and opportunities locally and abroad, and where appropriate to provide direct introductions to help improve local and international trade effectiveness.

We are intent on creating a business platform, that benefits both international and local South African business leaders in their attempt to create thriving and sustainable organisations.

– By David White CEO DRG Group

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